Welcome to St. James

All are welcome. Come, serve and be served!

Pray Together

Celebrate Holy Eucharist. Recite evening prayer. Share your concerns and prayer requests.

Bible Study Online

Bible Study Every Monday at 7 PM. Join us. It is free and easy. Simply enter the study room by clicking on the link below. (Click here to access the classes from past weeks)

Centering Prayer Study

Every Monday at 9 AM. It is free and anyone can join. Simply click on the link here below to enter the study room and the online chapel. (Click here to access classes from before.)

Worship & Study

Worship on Sunday Mornings with a beautiful community of people. Every Sunday at 10:30 AM. All are welcome.

Sing & Play

Spectacular singing. Powerful witness and life-changing ministries at all levels. Be part of a vibrant group of people. 

Serve & Be Served

Serve the poor and the needy. We do something about our faith by being one another the poor and the needy.