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COVID Update and Church Activities!
One of the greatest news for us to celebrate these days is that almost 99% of our adult members of St. James are vaccinated against COVID19. I am grateful for all of you who are vaccinated and encourage unvaccinated members, friends, and others to please follow the example. I am sure you are aware of someone who is resisting this vaccination due to disinformation. I pray that we all have the wisdom to do what is right and best to protect each other before we protect ourselves. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and decays, there will not be a thousand more. Please get vaccinated!
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Outdoor Church Service @ 9 am
Outdoor Service
Sundays 9 am / August 1
Starting on August 1st, we will offer an additional church service on Sunday Mornings. The service will be held at our prayer garden at 9 am. This service is offered to help those who are anxious to be in a closed space due to an increasing number of COVID Delta Variant. 9 am Holy Eucharist will be without music and is expected to be about 30 to 40 minutes. This service will NOT be live-streamed. If you are inclined to join for the service please be in the prayer garden around 8:55. I encourage all vaccinated or unvaccinated to join for worship either at 9 or 10:30 am. Our 10:30 am service will be with music and live-streamed.
Sunday schools for all ages are temporarily canceled until at least the end of the summer. We will reevaluate the situation then and make appropriate decisions.
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Spiritual Habits - 11
Words are made of air!
In order for communication to occur, you need someone watching who also knows the language. - When God is Silent: Divine Language Beyond Words by Barbara Brown Taylor
In the midst of all anxieties and fears surrounding the COVID19 shots, I had been reflecting on this quote from Barbara Brown Taylor. We might be speaking English, but truly most of us do not know what the other is saying. Our own biases play a deep role in deciding what we hear and even what the other is saying. We need to understand the nuance of each person's words to understand what he or she is talking about. If that is not possible, then it is better for us to be silent. It is better for us to listen, and wonder. 99% of failures of marriages, relationships, and churches fail because of this very thing. We do not understand each other's language, we only understand words, not the nuance, the emotions, the feelings, and past experience of the speaker. So, here is my suggestion.
When someone speaks, even if you know full well what he or she is talking about, wait! Just wait! Listen with your heart, no matter what the subject. Listen simply and silently, and use a few words to let the person know you are trying to understand all of what the other is saying. Do not jump into believing, which would be a colossal mistake, that you know exactly what the other is saying. Because you or I don't! Trust me.
According to Barbara Brown Taylor, most people speak of God as if it is made out of steel instead of air! Think a minute of this sentence talking about just one word, "God", and then let us apply the same principle to the rest of what we talk, hear, and get upset about! Words are made of air and not steel! She couldn't have said it better. God of mercy.....
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Volunteer Preference Sign up!
Very Important!
If you have already responded to my email earlier, do not respond again.
I need your help to streamline our volunteers for Sunday worship and other events in the church. Now that we are, mostly vaccinated, I want to invite you to return to volunteering at the altar and other ministries as much as possible. To see who is still interested in serving and how to inform you of your schedule, I would like you to respond to a small two minutes questionnaire so that I can make sure you are receiving your schedule on time. Please click on the link here below and respond. I know you are busy. However, if you are interested in volunteering for any ministry, please click to sign up. If you are already in a group, please click and choose your preferences. We will not assign anyone for ministry unless I have this email or form responded to. Several already have. Thank you and God Bless. Click on this link, please.
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Weekly Summer Reflections
Youth and Children
Gospel Reading: John 6:1-21
Talk About It:
  1. What is trust?
  2. What reasons do you have for trusting someone?
  3. What evidence do we have that God is trustworthy?
  4. Do we need to be trustworthy ourselves?
  5. What boundaries can we set in our relationships to have trustworthy and meaningful relationships?
A Note From Ms. Kimby:
I hope you all are having a great summer! Please enjoy these lessons together with your families.
I would love to hear from you! Share pictures, video, thoughts or questions with on our Facebook page,
Jesus Calms the Storm
Outreach News
Looking for a way to support our community? Those in need-- families, the elderly, those with special needs, your neighbors-- rely on Crosslines to help fill their pantries and refrigerators with food, hygiene items, and other necessities. St. James dedicates itself to help others through Crosslines whenever there is a 5th Thursday in the month. July is one of these months!
There are two ways you can help. You can help by mailing in those checks or bringing them to Sunday service. Mark them “Outreach.” Or you can bring food or hygiene items to the front foyer of the church. Please bring in your canned foods, shampoo, boxed meals, etc. before Tuesday, July 27th. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated by those you serve!
Thank you, St. James! Please call Nancy Terry at 417-860-6879 if you have any questions or are willing to volunteer on Thursday the 29th at Crosslines.
Crosslines Pantry Shopping List
Food Items
canned goods
box meals
Personal Hygiene
feminine hygiene products
cake mixes/icing
special treats
children's books
Happy Birthday
Amrit Tharakan: July 1st, Barbara Gernhart: July 9th, Mary Rajek: July 11th, Patrice Isle: July 17th, Karen Durbin: July 22nd, Jason Powell: July 23rd, Dennis Lamkins: July 25th, Taylor Duffey: July 26th, Liz Trader: July 26th, Josh Trader: July 26th.
Happy Anniversary
Sadd Ibrahim and Vivian Ibrahim, July 12th
Prayers for Families This Week
Cox, Dewitt, Duffey
COVID-19 Variant Precautions for Worship
  • Mask wearing is still required.
  • You can sit in every row. Leave the center chair free.
  • After the service please greet others outside the church.
  • In the end, care for and protect the other.
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