COVID Update and Church Activities!
Due to an increasing number of COVID cases affecting young children and those who are not vaccinated, I encourage everyone, who can get vaccinated, to please protect yourself, and the young ones around you by getting vaccinated.
I am also sad to inform you that our child care minister, Angela Johnson, is down with COVID as I write this note. Please do pray for her and her young children and family that they are protected from all harm.
As I mentioned before, we will not be back in full session for young children until the end of the summer so that as a nation we are able to get a handle on this crisis and protect each other.
Some guidelines
  1. Please get vaccinated if you haven't already. Trust your medical professionals and not politicians.
  2. Please wear a mask if you are in public spaces.
  3. Please protect others just as much as you protect yourself.
  4. Please wear a mask when you are in church.
  5. Please remember Sunday schools for all ages are canceled for the summer, but we hope to resume them in the fall.
I would love to know what's happening in your life. You can always call me. I am also scheduling some visits with those who are open for me to come to your home. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me. My cell number is 479-747-7775. If I do not pick up the call do not hang up, but leave a message. I do not return phone calls that do not leave a message.
Fr. Jos+
Spiritual Habits - 10
God's most dangerous word!
The most dangerous word God ever says is Adam. All by itself, it is no more than a pile of dust - nothing to be concerned about, really - but by following it with the words for image and dominion, God sifts divinity into that dust, endowing it with things that belong to God alone. When God is through with it, this dust will bear the divine likeness. When God is through with it, this dust will exercise God's own dominion - not by flexing its muscles but by using its tongue. - When God is Silent: Divine Language Beyond Words by Barbara Brown Taylor
It is this premise that makes you and me the most beloved creation of God. In each of us is this divinity, which is the realm of God alone, shared without conditions but pure love. It also shows how powerful our words are and can be if used with prudence and grace. There is nothing that should come out of our mouths that is not properly thought through. There should be no words that come out of mind because our dominion is the same as that of God, but our wisdom is not as powerful and expansive as that of God, sadly. That's why using our words thoughtfully after thinking through them is key to the success of relationships, growth, and change in us.
Until God gave power to the pile of dust through His words, we did not come into existence. We were simply a pile of dust shaped in human form. Then God took a chance on us and gave us life, the same that moves and beats in Him. This tells us how powerful our words are, as we are given the same power to bring things into existence.
So, as a spiritual habit, if not necessary, use no words. If not necessary to talk, we should be quiet and listen. Because silence is God's language and so should be ours. Listening is God's affirmation of love for you, so should be ours!
Fr. Jos+
Yoga is on vacation until July 20th!
Outreach News
Help Our Community
It's Crosslines Pantry Month!
Bring In Food or Hygiene Donations by Tuesday, July 27th or give a check to St. James Marked "Outreach".
Crosslines Pantry Shopping List
Food Items
canned goods
box meals
Personal Hygiene
feminine hygiene products
cake mixes/icing
special treats
children's books
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Prayers for Families and Flower Donations!
Happy Birthday
Amrit Tharakan: July 1st, Barbara Gernhart: July 9th, Mary Rajek: July 11th, Patrice Isle: July 17th, Karen Durbin: July 22nd, Jason Powell: July 23rd, Dennis Lamkins: July 25th, Taylor Duffey: July 26th, Liz Trader: July 26th, Josh Trader: July 26th.
Happy Anniversary
Sadd Ibrahim and Vivian Ibrahim, July 12th
Prayers for Families This Week
Carney, Chesman/Canales, Colwell