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Thank YOU...
Our special thanks to Fr. Bob Seney who helped us with worship on Sunday. Grateful for his ministry and care.
Also, special thanks to Deacon Suzy for her leadership and ministry while my family and I were away on vacation. Thank YOU, Suzy.
Special thanks to everyone who worked very hard to get our gas line repaired, put in a new concrete pad in front of the sanctuary, and more. If not for the kindness and hard work of several people we wouldn't have been about to do them all in a timely manner.
Fr. Jos+
Sunday Schools Canceled for July 4th
No Christian Formation Program for any age group on July 4th, Sunday. Happy Independence Day!
Church Office will be closed on Monday
Spiritual Habits - 8
Discipleship goes far beyond!
Discipleship goes far beyond personal piety or communal loyalty. Whole nations, not just individuals, are called to leave the house of fear, where suspicion, hatred, and war rule, and enter the house of love, where reconciliation, healing, and peace can reign. - Henry Nouwen.
With the last election season, we have seen an increased number of hostile behavior, attitudes about spirituality, and misinterpretation of the Gospel to each one's liking by politicians, preachers, and leaders of all groups. What is important for us today, as a divided nation, is to reflect what truly is the nature of spirituality.
Henry Nouwen points out clearly that we behave poorly when we act out of fear and we do well when we do things out of love. Of course, this is the same message from our Presiding Bishop. But then this is not from the presiding bishop or Henry Nouwen, it is what Jesus said. Act out of love and not fear. This acting out of love is deeper and wider than personal piety or church life. It has to become a national behavior in which our nation is changed. it is to be based on the principle that in the end, Spiritual life needs to be defined by our care for the world around us in real-time, in the real sense, and in true living. Not ideological or hypothetical. It is defined by what we do daily rather than what we postulate about it.
I pray that we move away from the fear of the other, suspicion of the stranger, hatred towards people who are different, and the war on everything and everyone we don't like or agree with; that we are a nation of true love, genuine compassion, and unfathomable kindness.
Yoga is on vacation until July 20th!
VBS Postponed Until Summer 2022
Unfortunately, VBS is postponed until 2022 due to the new strain of Covid. We want to keep our kids and volunteers safe and believe this is the best course of action at this time. St. James is blessed with so many great volunteers and donors for this event and we want you to know that your donations will be held on to for the 2022 VBS. We will be doing the same program and this just gives us more time to make it the best VBS St. James has ever had!
On a happier note, our next event for children and families will be a Fall Fest, Trunk or Treat! October 30th St. James will decorate the trunks of our cars for Halloween! The trunks can be any theme you like as long as you include a simple game for the kids to play and win, you guessed it, candy! Hot dogs, chips and drinks will also be served. Invite your family, friends and neighbors! 
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Prayers for Families and Flower Donations!
Happy Birthday
Amrit Tharakan: July 1st, Barbara Gernhart: July 9th, Mary Rajek: July 11th, Patrice Isle: July 17th, Karen Durbin: July 22nd, Jason Powell: July 23rd, Dennis Lamkins: July 25th, Taylor Duffey: July 26th, Liz Trader: July 26th, Josh Trader: July 26th.
Happy Anniversary
Sadd Ibrahim and Vivian Ibrahim, July 12th
Prayers for Families This Week
Baumlin, Bird, Bishop-Jones