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Welcome Fr. Bob Seney! Thank You!
Thank you Fr. Bob Seney, our only supply clergy in the southern deanery, for celebrating Holy Eucharist for us on Sunday, June, 27th while Fr. Jos and his family are on vacation. Fr. Bob, originally from Springfield area, has moved back here after her long career in education and ministry. He has been a God-sent among us. Thank you, Fr. Bob. Please welcome, Fr. Bob Seney.
Spiritual Habits - 7
The Pearl That You Are
Murmuring Stream: The Pearl That You Are!
"Prayer takes a firm and steadfast hold when a small fire begins to burn in the heart. Try not to quench this fire, and it will become established in such a way that the prayer life repeats itself: and then you will have within you a small murmuring stream." Fr. Henry Nouwen
St. Paul often told his listeners to "pray without ceasing." I am sure you have heard that. Have you ever wondered how that is possible? Here is a simple way of lighting that fire within us never to be quenched in life. It's pretty simple.
Last week I mentioned how to let your thoughts and emotions, your experiences, and your hopes move into your heart. As they immerse them in your heart, imagine those experiences as the little pebbles under the stream hitting against each other, smoothening the edges and making it shiny and beautiful. Imagine them to be the little sand in the shell, that will become the shiny pearl one day.
When these become the fire that burns selfishness, gives us a better understanding of people's pains and sufferings, opens our hearts to become stronger, clearer, forgiving, and loving, then prayer will automatically repeat itself. It becomes an automatic process in which you have to do nothing but wait out for these to become the pearl, the gem, and the precious stones they are. Because in every pain is the sand that is waiting to become the pearl you are proud to wear. Maybe it is not the pearl you wear that makes the difference, the pearl that you are.
The Nature of Friendship
Unearthing a Frienship with God
School is Out!
Vacation and Travel plans are underway!
At St. James, planning is underway for Vacation Bible School for Saturday, August 14th!
To make this the biggest and The Best V.B.S, we need everyone at St. James to get involved.
Teens and adults can volunteer in one or more of the following ways:
  1. The Decoration Committee (Setting up and tearing down)
  2. Station Leader and assistant leaders. (Adult 18 or older. Stations will include: Story telling, activity and/or craft. Take a paper tent from the Narthex and contact Kimby to sign-up.)
  3. Den Leaders (Age 13-18 years. Following the daily schedule for their group and getting them from one station to the other as well has helping the station leader with the activities in each station.Take a paper tent from the Narthex and contact Kimby to sign-up.)
  4. Kitchen Staff, aka. "The Grub Masters" (prepping, serving, and clean-up for three meals and a snack.)
  5. Donation Angels (We need supplies, which we will be collecting over the next six weeks! There will be lighting bugs hung up in the Narthex with supplies written on them. Some things can be collected over the next 5 weeks, others will need to wait until closer to the date. We will also be collecting camping gear for decorations that will be returned after the event. And as always, cash or check donations will be greatly appreciated.
Mark your calendars and contact Kimby Tharakan for more information or with any questions. If you are not sure what you should donate or how you can help just give Kimby a call or email. 479-747-3757.
Adult, Youth, and Children Programs and Events Canceled for June!
Sunday School Program and Times
Starting this Sunday, June 6th, I am canceling all adult, youth, and children classes and activities until the end of June. The reasons for the cancellation being the new variant of COVID affecting younger people, especially if they are not vaccinated, some conflicting appointments and events, and my own personal family vacation time in June. Even though almost all in our congregation is vaccinated, we want to reduce the risk knowing the COVID currently spreading in Green county is the deadly variant from India, which has killed a lot of people. While I believe our church community is very safe, prudence and caution is a good gift of the Holy Spirit. We will reevaluate the situation as we go into July and keep you posted.
Fr. Jos+
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Prayers for Families and Flower Donations!
Happy Birthday
Deacon Suzie Lynch,1-Jun; Margaret Alderfer, 3-Jun; Sonia Bird, 7-Jun; Saad Ibrahim, 7-Jun; Jan Hutcherson, 8-Jun; Clay Stuckey, 8-Jun; Amanda Morrison, 9-Jun; Judith Colwell, 12-Jun; Anita Lynn Harper, 12-Jun; Tatum Trader, 12-Jun; Landon Rayl, 14-Jun; Stacy Stuckey, 17-Jun; Sandy Duffey, 17-Jun; Janice Carney, 18-Jun; Hannah Redden, 19-Jun; Cynthia Rutledge, 19-Jun, Leslie Duffey, 20-Jun Joyce Haberman, 25-Jun; Minuen Odom, 26-Jun; Alonzo Ibrahim, 28-Jun.
Happy Anniversary
Fr. Ross and Paula Stuckey, 1-Jun; Liz and Josh Trader, 1-Jun; Anne and Greg Breid, 5-Jun; Sue and Roger Palmer, 15-Jun; Kimby and Jos Tharakan, 15-Jun; Nancy and Andy Terry, 16-Jun; Roberto Canales and Jeremy Chesman, 17-Jun; Suzy and Jim Lynch, 27-Jun; Mary and Greg Rajek, 28-Jun, Minuen Odom and Bob Lanning 29-Jun.
In Thanksgiving for the 30th Anniversary of Bob Lanning and Minuen Odom.
Mark Millsap in memory of his Mother Thelma.
Prayers for Families This Week
Yost, Atkinson, Atwood