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Creating Good Habits - 2
"The spiritual life is not lived outside, before, after, or beyond, but everyday existence. No, the spiritual life can only be real only as it is lived in the midst of the pain and joys of the here and now." Henry Nouwen
I bring this for us to be aware that there is no spiritual life beyond this life. There is no spiritual life after we are dead. It is a realm of experiencing the best when we try to live the best here and now. Spiritual life is what we do with our life today in caring for the other not enjoying eternal life afterward.
"We can not expect to be formed in faith without committing to a living of spiritual life with regular spiritual discipline or practice." Says Fr. Nouwen. I have said this often, but worth repeating, spiritual life and discipleship is a product, in our consumeristic language, of discipline. It happens only when we practice our spirituality in community, fellowship, in caring for the poor, and so on as seen in the Acts of the Apostles.
So, I invite you to enter into an intentional practice of spirituality in your life. Be present for worship. Join for fellowship. Participate in studies. Help with outreach. Be involved and be disciplined.
We get nothing out of church when all what we give is money and not our hearts, minds or bodies.
Fr. Jos+
A Glorious Celebration
Thank you to each and every one of you who worked very hard for over a year to make our Sanctuary look beautiful. May 12th was a glorious celebration day as we rededicated the Sanctuary of St. James. It was well attended with three Baptisms.
Landon Rayl, Francesca Rayl, and Isla Rayl were baptized and received into our church family. It was such a joyful occasion I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful it was to watch it unfold. There were many things that could have gone wrong, but they didn't. I am grateful for all the hard work of the altar guild, choir, and others in making this a beautiful celebration.
Fr. Jos+
Celebrating the Graduation
of Tatum Trader
Please help us celebrate the graduation of Tatum Trader on Sunday May 16th at 2PM at 4781 Silo Hills in Springfield, MO. 
Tatum is graduating from Willard High School on May 15th and will be continuing to pursue her education using her A+ Scholarship at Ozark Technical Community College in the fall. After that she plans on transferring to Missouri State University to major in Science Education in hopes to teach high school or middle school science.
Tatum has been a part of the St. James family since she was born and has grown up with the love, support, and guidance of so many of the members there it only seems appropriate to celebrate her success with all of you. Please RSVP by email to or by phone at 417-413-9435.  
Calling All Children and Youth
Ministry Volunteers!
St. James is looking for volunteers to join the children and youth ministry team. If you feel you are being called to serve please contact Kimby Tharakan or call or text 479-747-3757. We look forward to hearing from you. Together we can have a strong youth and children's ministry program!
Episcopal Kids Connection (EKC)
& Episcopal Youth Connection (EYC)
Sunday School Program and Times
This week in EKC we will learn about prayer. Jesus prayed to his father all the time and for all different reasons. How can we pray to God. What do we say and how do we say it?
Join us Sunday,
Sundays 9:15 am!
Ages 5-11
This week in EYC
Ages: 12-18
Sundays after church.
The topic is the first half of the book of John. What is John trying to tell the reader? We're going to find out. Bring your brain power and I'll bring the marbles!
Lesson Handouts will be given out after class this week! Don't miss it to see why!
Birthdays, Anniversaries and Prayers for Families and Flower Dedications!
Happy Birthday:
Brett Durbin, May 2nd, Jim Lynch, May 8th, Landon Miller, May 12th, Greg Rajek, May 12th, Mark Millsap, May 16th, Ann Breid, May 25th, Liz James, May 28th.
Happy Anniversary
Jan and Murray Hutcherson, May 1st, Don and Marge Francis, May 6th, Terry and Michelle Breazeale, May 10th, Travis and Blair Claxton, May 19th, Aubrey and Reggie Vargas, May 20th, Benny and Astry Rivera-Amigon, May 27th.
Prayers for Families This Week
Snow, Abshire, Stinson, Stuckey