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Holy Eucharist in-person
@ 10:30 am on Sunday
Prayer Chapel
Weekly Bulletin
Fidelity to Grace!
By now those of you who know me know that I like the books written by contemplatives. I also find myself as a contemplative-active person, meaning, I am not a good contemplative or a good active person. I am in the middle of the road. Yes, a true Episcopalian, right?
Fr. Thomas Merton, one of the greatest contemplatives of our time says, "Fidelity to grace in my life is fidelity to simplicity, rejecting ambition and analysis and elaborate thought or even elaborate concern."
In this quote, what caught my attention is "elaborate concern." Isn't a concern for the world, the self, the family all important and necessary? Yes, it is, but overly focused concern on self, family, friends, church, work, or whatever is not "concern" but constriction. We call such overwhelming concern, suffocating.
Everything on earth needs space to flourish. Just like the trees in the forest or plants in our flower garden, or vegetable garden need space to expand and grow. We need space, both internal and external, to grow and be healthy. Do you know when we live in a clutter of things or people or emotions or feelings, our spiritual growth will be stunt! For that reason, even spiritual clutter will constrict our growth.
I invite you to declutter your space so that everything is in moderation. I need to say this to myself a thousand times a day to balance my life in this busy world. I wish I could be more graceful to myself and grow "in grace" as Thomas Merton says! hmmm. I need help. Isn't it?
Fr. Jos+
Sanctuary Rededication! May 12th, 6:30 pm
Please save the date May 12th, Wednesday 6:30 pm, to come to church for the Rededication of our Sanctuary. Bishop Martin Field will officiate the service of Rededication of the renovated sanctuary and the dedication of our new pulpit, lectern, baptismal font, crosses, stations of the cross, and the reredos. It's going to be an exciting day!
We will have a short reception, carefully planned, after the service. I have invited our former rectors to join us for the celebration. I have a YES from two. I am waiting to hear from others. It will be a grand celebration and I would love for the members of the church to attend, celebrate and mark our journey together.
I also would like to make this day a special time of thanksgiving for the ministry of our Bishop. As you know Bishop Marty has been our Bishop for ten years and is retiring on September 14th. I would love for us to send him and his wife, Donna, with our blessings, prayers, and good wishes.
May 12th, 6:30 pm.
Celebrating the Graduation
of Tatum Trader
Please help us celebrate the graduation of Tatum Trader on Sunday May 16th at 2PM at 4781 Silo Hills in Springfield, MO. 
Tatum is graduating from Willard High School on May 15th and will be continuing to pursue her education using her A+ Scholarship at Ozark Technical Community College in the fall. After that she plans on transferring to Missouri State University to major in Science Education in hopes to teach high school or middle school science.
Tatum has been a part of the St. James family since she was born and has grown up with the love, support, and guidance of so many of the members there it only seems appropriate to celebrate her success with all of you. Please RSVP by email to or by phone at 417-413-9435.  
Episcopal Kids Connection (EKC)
& Episcopal Youth Connection (EYC)
Sunday School Program and Times
Welcome to EKC in person Sunday School!
Ages 5-11
Sunday Mornings @ 9:15 am
This week is all about building things and what is the best way to start? You guessed it with a corner stone. Jesus is the corner stone of our life and Peter let the high priest know about it even though he had been arrested!
The Gospel this week comes to us from John 10: 11-18. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and what does a good shepherd do? He gives all to protect his sheep!
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Welcome to EYC in person
Bible Study
Ages 12-18
Sundays After the 10:30 am Church Service in the Youth Room
This week we look at Acts 4:5-12 where Peter ask the high priest why he is being questioned for doing a good deed in healing the sick and then informing them by who's name these people are healed. Peter spoke out against the injustice being given him. How would we be able to stand up for what is right in the face of being arrested and imprisoned?
The Gospel reading comes from the book of John 10:11-18. Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." Who do we know who did just that? Jesus did. Who else in history can you think of who also stood up for injustice and died like Jesus did?
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Looking for a way to support our community? Those in need--college students, families, the elderly, those with special needs, your neighbors-- rely on Crosslines to help fill their pantries and refrigerators with food, hygiene items, and other necessities. St. James dedicates itself to help others through Crosslines whenever there is a 5th Thursday in the month. April is one of these months! 
There are two ways you can help. You can help by mailing in those checks or bringing them to Sunday service. Mark them “Outreach.” Or you can bring food or hygiene items to the front foyer of the church. Please bring in your canned foods, shampoo, boxed meals, etc. before Monday, April 26th. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated by those you serve! 
Thank you, St. James! Please call Nancy Terry at 417-860-6879 if you have any questions.