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Kimby Tharakan
Kimby Tharakan
April 1, 2021
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Easter Holy Eucharist in-person
@ 10:30 am on Sunday
Prayer Chapel
Weekly Bulletin
Maundy Thursday
6:30 pm
Today is Maundy Thursday, the feast of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist and feast of priests. We will have foot washing @6:30 pm and vigil after the service. Please join us in person or online. To join online please go to: or
Good Friday
6:30 pm
Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day we remember the passion and death of Jesus Christ, our Savior. We will have a Station of the Cross celebration at 6 pm and Good Friday Service at 6:30 pm. Join us in person or online.
Easter Sunday
9:45 am and 10:30 pm
Sunday is Easter! Praise God for new life in Christ Jesus. Let us gather to flower the Cross at 9:45 am and celebrate the Holy Eucharist in person at 10:30 am. You can also join us online if you so wish. The address is the same as or
End of a Pandemic & Begining of a New Phase!
Easter is in two days! We had been waiting for this celebration for more than 380 days! That's a long time. But it is here and it is exciting.
Now, this doesn't mean the pandemic is over, but what it does mean is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! If we care about our safety and caring for others for their safety, we can beat this virus and make it possible for us to return some sort of normalcy in a new changed reality. I encourage you to return, rebuild and renew your spiritual life. It will not be the same as before, but it should not be, because we change constantly.
Several years ago I attended a seminar where a renowned Episcopal teacher, Phyllis Tickle, told us, "Church will go through a dramatic change every 500 years and we should be prepared for it and ready for it." At the time I did not think it will be in my lifetime. But today it is exciting that it is in yours and my lifetime. We are the agents of change. Like it or not, we have the mantle on our shoulders to lead our church to a new generation and new future. So, I would like you to be involved in this process and work towards a changed world that is more like what the Lord intended when He said, "The Kingdom of God is among you."
Fr. Jos+
Thank YOU... Thank YOU
Since the first day of the pandemic, we faithfully gathered online to do a prayer together at night. Every night, with the help of several people, the prayer team, led the morning prayer or evening prayer or compline every single day. I am grateful for their ministry and faithfulness. Those leaders who faithfully continue to lead the prayers along with me are Kathleen and Bob Jackson, Tessa Melancon, Maryelle Vonlathen, and Mike Bishop-Jones, Liz Trader, Jamie Trader & Asha Tharakan. How grateful I am for each of them and their commitment!
It was also made possible because we had a community of faithful participants for these hours of prayers, praying for one another. And then we had several occasional attendees. Here below are those who faithfully participated in these prayers and held us up.
We are taking one week break from public celebration of Compline!
The Prayer Team will take a break from leading prayers publically from Easter Sunday evening, April 4th through April 11th, Sunday. That does not mean you cannot or should not pray. What that means is you lift us up, I implore, in prayers while we rejuvenate. Please do the compline or other prayers privately and support the community. We will resume our regular compline hour of prayer on April 12th. Once again my sincere gratitude to those who led the prayers, and those who joined faithfully to lift us all up to Christ.
Thank YOU
Thank YOU
Thank YOU
Visitors & Like-rs
Easter Egg Hunt
Parents and Children: Bring your basket and join us immediately after the April 4th 10:30 am Easter Sunday service. Hop on over for some fun. Children will look for eggs until they are all gone. They will go home with a special treat! Someone may surprise us at the garden! You do not want to miss it! 
Holy Week Outreach News
As the last days of Lent approach and we look towards Holy Week, we have choices to make about where we would like to focus our Outreach Giving. The Outreach Committee has designated the following as St. James seasonal $$$ recipients:
Lenten Offering: ERD's "One Thousand Days of Love" project to help children 0-3 worldwide (these funds are used as the basis amounts for future matching $$ grants)
Good Friday Offering: "The Church of Jerusalem" which supports the Episcopal Church in the MiddleEast
Easter Offering: "McDonald's Tooth Truck" providing dental care to local underserved children
Please tell us how you would like your donation designated. Of course you are welcome to support ALL three worthy ministries!
Birthdays, Anniversaries and Prayers for Families and Flower Dedications!
Happy Birthday:
Dot Kressser, April 2nd., Jeremey Chesman, April 3rd., Benito Amigon, April 4th, Greg Breid, April 9th., Emilie Bridges, April 9th., Ethan Hopper, April 11th., Max Rajek, April 14th., Austin Redden, April 16th., Owen Lynch, April 17th., Kayson Zook, April 28th, Luke Frederick, April 28th.
Happy Anniversary
No anniversaries this month.
Easter Lilies
To See You Easter Lily Dedications Click Here
Prayers for Families This Week
Massengale, McCullough, Miller

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