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Holy Eucharist Service In-Person
@ 10:30 am on Sunday
Prayer Chapel
Weekly Bulletin
Where do hope and faith come from in a time that challenges us?
Come and join us as we gather online to hear insights from both lay and clergy on maintaining and building faith and hope in a time when our lives have been turned upside down.
Having journeyed through the issues of 2020, let’s draw a deep breath, and looking forward to Easter’s good news of hope, what insights do we find looking back? As the world and society have spread a veil of anxiety, gloom, despair, and fear, how do we know and have the assurance that we are still “Children of the Light?”
  • The Rev. George Cleaves
  • The Rev. Melissa George
  • Ms. Rita Kendagor 
  • The Rev. Jerry Miller
  • The Rev. Carol Sanford
  • Ms. Kim Snodgrass
  • The Rev. Bryan Spoon
All are welcome to join us. It's Free and highly recommended!
Lenten Observance Calendar
  • Sunday Services @ 10:30 AM / in-person & online.
  • Kids Sunday School @ 11:30 AM - Every Sunday - Zoom.
  • Youth Group (EYC - 12 and up) @12 noon. Sundays. Zoom
  • Weekly Study On Zoom. Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM (Feb 24-March 31)
  • Daily Compline @ 9 PM / Online /
You can all of these easily if you have downloaded the Church App. The link for the church app can be found at the bottom of this email. Here below are the links to the class rooms.
Hope & Faith Diocesan Retreat for All!
The very first article in this NewsNotes is the Hope and Faith Diocesanwide retreat for all people. I encourage you to participate in this event. The speakers are really good and experienced people of our diocese and the event is planned to help us get through this time to the next. We all have our anxieties and fears. However, we all can get through from our current struggle to a future that is filled with new opportunities. Please take a few moments and register for this free event. It is on a Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm.
We need to pray together
We need to build one another
We need to support each other through good and bad times
We need to care for one another in any way possible in all we do.
In the end, be there for the other and that's what changes the world.
New Church Website and App!
I am excited to announce a new church website that is fully integrated with the church live streaming, church app, giving to church, and more. It is a very user-friendly site. Here are the features of the new site.
  • At the top of the page is an active countdown banner that tells you of the next live service with a link to the live chapel. Also, you can chat while in prayer, share your prayer concerns, and all in one place.
  • Upcoming 3 events beautifully listed with the necessary information. If any event is an online event, it has a link on the details page to the live stream. No more searching for links.
  • An easy secure way to give your pledges and gifts to the church straight from the website or the app.
  • Links to the latest news.
  • Links to the NewsNotes that go out each week, in case you didn't get a chance to read it, you can always find it on the website.
  • An advance look at the church events calendar.
  • Social Media links to all of our social media presence
  • Contact information and office hours.
  • Mobile-friendly website.
I hope you will favorite the church website - - and get all the information you are looking for any time and engage with your church community every day.
New Roof For The Church
Everything Holy
Everything Holy comes from the belief that everyday life experience provides us with ample opportunity to transform seemingly mundane moments - like grocery shopping, studying, gardening or working - into something more.
Children's Ministries
Hi Kids! 
(Ages 3-11)
In this weeks lesson the old testament lesson is all about the 10 commandments, while the new testament talks about Jesus get very upset with some merchants in the temple at the time of Passover.
:) Miss Kimby
Click Here For Your Lesson Handouts.
Click Here For Your Children's Bulletin Age 3-7
Click Here For Your Children's Bulletin Ages 7+
Jesus Cleanses the Temple - Matthew 21 | Easter Sunday School Lesson for Kids |
Youth Ministries
Hi Everyone!
(Ages 12-18)
Welcome to week two of EYC!
For The Old Testament:
This week it's all about the ten commandments. Can you name all ten and are the relevant in leading a good life?
For The Gospel:
Jesus get's upset and turns over some tables in the temple. What? Why?
Got to and click on EYC enter the classroom. Below is a link to your lesson plan for the week and to the right of the screen is the link to some of the videos we will be watching. Looking forward to see you all there!
:) Miss Kimby
Click Here For Your Lesson Handouts.
The 10 Commandments List | What are the Ten Commandments in the Bible
Why Did Jesus get Angry, Flip over Tables and Shut the Temple Down?! |Ask A Pastor Ep#1
Outreach News
Lenten Offerings
Last year at this time, St. James was gearing up to celebrate and support "ONE THOUSAND DAYS of LOVE," an Episcopal Relief and Development campaign to help children in their first 1000 days of life. 
The children of our parish were so excited...they sold hearts, collected change to make a change and then Covid 19 struck before the projects could be completed. Therefore with that in mind, we are designating 'ONE THOUSAND DAYS of LOVE" as our Lenten Outreach again this year. 
Many of you will receive a "mite box" to collect your change for the next 40 days in the Lenten Packets mailed to your home this week. Fill your box with all the un-circulated change we continue to hear about throughout Covid. You can also mark your Outreach offerings " 1000 Days" during Lent. Let us see the need in the world and try to meet it!
As our Bishop Michael Curry reflected on this initiative: " Love allows us to bridge great distances so that children an ocean away are as precious to us as the little ones living right down the block."
Need help? Want to help?
If you are interested in volunteering at or donating to a cold-weather shelter, visit
The Connecting Grounds Outreach Team goes out every night when it's 40 degrees or colder. They bring hand warmers, clothes, blankets and food to people who are sleeping on the streets, in camps and in vehicles. They can also help get someone to a crisis cold weather shelter on nights the shelters are operating. If you need help or see someone who needs help, call the team at 417-849-0453
Birthdays, Anniversaries and Prayers for Families and Flower Dedications!
Happy Birthday
March 1st: Daniel Redden, March 3rd: Jim Colwell, March 4th: Sam Breid and Tammy Larimore, March 5th Carter Stuckey, March 6th: Dorothy Kaiser, March 8th: Fr. Jos and Asha Tharakan, March 9th: Kathleen Jackson, March 19th: Joanne Ibrahim, March 21st: Robert Jackson, March 23: Addison Stuckey and Destiny Zook-Monteleon, March 25th: Clara Rajek, March 26th: Vera Lynch and Andy Terry, March 28th; Astry Rivera-Amigon, March 29th: Greta Gourley
Happy Anniversary
No anniversaries this month.
Prayers for Families This Week
Kaiser, Kresser, Lamkins
Flower Dedications
No Flowers For Lent.
COVID-19 Precautions for Worship
  • Mask wearing is required.
  • 6 ft Social distancing is required.
  • No need to sign up. Just show up.
  • Please sit in the rows that are clearly marked.
  • After the service please greet others outside the church.
  • In the end, care and protect the other.
Fr. Jos+
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