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Holy Eucharist Service In-Person
@ 10:30 am on 2/21/21
Prayer Chapel
Weekly Bulletin
Mardi-Gras Dinner Box
Please pick up your Marti-Gras dinner on Saturday, February 20th between 5:30-6:30 pm. At 7 pm please join us for our dinner and party on Zoom. Here is your Zoom Link.
Youth Group - Starting on February 21st @ 12 noon
For the past few months, our children under the age of 12 had been meeting with Kimby regularly on Sundays for a time of study, prayer, and fun. From what I have learned and seen from their parents and grandparents, they are having a great time and they return faithfully. Regretfully, that has not been the case with the youth group. With all the things that are happening around us, beyond our control, we had been struggling to figure out a way to make youth events fun and meaningful for our youth. Every church in the world is experiencing the same as we are. 
But we are not giving up. We are going to try again. Kimby has come forward to help with the youth group. She has done ministry with the children and youth for a very long time and enjoys it very much. As far as I know, children and youth enjoy their time with her as well. 
So, with her help, we are going to offer a Youth Group time for our youth ages 12 and up. She will offer meaningful discussions, conversations, and fun time on Sundays at 12 noon starting this Sunday, February 21st. The new youth program over zoom will be for 30 minutes. It is time-restricted so that it doesn’t get dragged for hours. I really would like to encourage you to give it a try for the coming few weeks in Lent, so that we can evaluate what your needs are and how to meet your needs, and address your spiritual growth. The Zoom link for the EYC can be found on our website at: on the EYC Room when you are on the website. I hope you will make every effort to connect back. 
Fr. Jos+
Lenten Observance Calendar
  • Sunday Services @ 10:30 AM / in-person & online.
  • Kids Sunday School @ 11:30 AM - Every Sunday - Zoom.
  • Youth Group (EYC - 12 and up) @12 noon. Every Sunday. Zoom
  • Weekly Study On Zoom. Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM (Starts on Feb 24)
  • Daily Compline @ 9 PM / Online /
You can all of these easily if you have downloaded the Church App. The link for the church app can be found at the bottom of this email. Here below are the links to the class rooms.
Can You Trust God?
We are embarking on a new journey in this season of Lent. By now you must have received a copy of the little Lenten Booklet that I created called, You Can Trust God! That little booklet is intended to help us advance in our personal spiritual journey.
You already know God and you don’t need my help to do that. My role is only to keep pointing to the truth you already know and shed more light on your path. If anyone may not know God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, my job is to show precisely how faithful and reliable is. I love to show how much we can entrust our cares to God and why we should do just that. I invite you to take about 6 minutes of your time today and watch this little video here below - good for both adults and children - to learn about the faithfulness of God that will help us understand who and why God is trustworthy. 
Fr. Jos+
Everything Holy
Everything Holy comes from the belief that everyday life experience provides us with ample opportunity to transform seemingly mundane moments - like grocery shopping, studying, gardening or working - into something more.
Inviting God into these experiences is formational; moments can become holy.
With the understanding that this is nothing short of a lifelong process, an Everything Holy monthly offering has been created to reach out to West Missouri households of all shapes and sizes in a tangible, experiential way.
Each month participants receive a packet containing unique elements of formation – liturgy, service, education and fellowship - woven together through a subtle theme and keeping multiple learning styles in mind. Additional tangible supplies will often be included that tie it all together. 
Opt-in by the 15th of each month to receive a Welcome Box through the mail containing materials to create Sacred Space at home along with your first months packet. You will continue to receive a packet full of formational content to your home within the first week of each month.
In order to make formation a priority this offering is currently supported by the diocese at no cost to those attending churches in West Missouri.
Please register for this free and monthly fun Christian Formation packet. No cost to you. A simply fun way of growing spiritually. Register Now
COVID-19 Precautions for Worship
  • Mask wearing is required.
  • 6 ft Social distancing is required.
  • No need to sign up. Just show up.
  • Please sit in the rows that are clearly marked.
  • After the service please greet others outside the church.
  • In the end, care and protect the other.
Fr. Jos+
Need help? Want to help?
If you are interested in volunteering at or donating to a cold-weather shelter, visit
The Connecting Grounds Outreach Team goes out every night when it's 40 degrees or colder. They bring hand warmers, clothes, blankets and food to people who are sleeping on the streets, in camps and in vehicles. They can also help get someone to a crisis cold weather shelter on nights the shelters are operating. If you need help or see someone who needs help, call the team at 417-849-0453
Outreach News
Lenten Offerings
Last year at this time, St. James was gearing up to celebrate and support "ONE THOUSAND DAYS of LOVE," an Episcopal Relief and Development campaign to help children in their first 1000 days of life. 
The children of our parish were so excited...they sold hearts, collected change to make a change and then Covid 19 struck before the projects could be completed. Therefore with that in mind, we are designating 'ONE THOUSAND DAYS of LOVE" as our Lenten Outreach again this year. 
Many of you will receive a "mite box" to collect your change for the next 40 days in the Lenten Packets mailed to your home this week. Fill your box with all the un-circulated change we continue to hear about throughout Covid. You can also mark your Outreach offerings " 1000 Days" during Lent. Let us see the need in the world and try to meet it!
As our Bishop Michael Curry reflected on this initiative: " Love allows us to bridge great distances so that children an ocean away are as precious to us as the little ones living right down the block."