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Come and Celebrate
  • Picnic, Potluck and Graduation Celebration Sunday, May 15 after the 10:30 service
  • Confirmation: Bishop Diane Bruce on June 19
Picnic/Potluck and Graduation
Please Join Us!
A "Going Away" Picnic/Potluck for the Tharakan Family
Sunday, May 15 after the 10:30 service
Bring your favorite dish to share and join the St. James family in saying good-bye to Fr. Jos and Kimby, Gabriel, Asha, Owen and Amrit. They will be leaving our community for a new and excited adventure.
We will celebrate our graduates that day as well.
Mark your calendar and plan to celebrate our time together.
Children Sunday School
Sunday School, starts at 9:30 am. See you there!
Celebrations & Prayers This Month
Happy Birthdays
May 2nd. Brett Durbin
May 8th. Jim Lynch
May 12th. Greg Rajek
May 16th Mark Millsap
May 21st. Deborah Yost
May 25th Anne Breid
May 28th Elizabeth James
May 31st Oliver Luther
Happy Anniversary
May 1st. Murray and Jan Hutcherson
May 6th Don and Marge Francis
May 10th Terry and Michelle Breazeale
May 19th Travis and Blair Claxton
May 20th Reggie and Aubrey Vargas
May 27th Benito Amigon and Astry Rivera-Amigon
Prayers for Families This Week
Snow-Abshire, Stinson, Stuckey
Flower Dedications
To the glory of God.
Altar Schedule
Altar Guild
Amie Ramsfield, Terry Abshire
The Rev. Jos Tharakan
Dr. Chris Dodson
Deacon & Gospel Proclamation
The Rev. Suzy Lynch
Eucharistic Minister 1
Eucharistic Minister 2
Robert Lanning
Chris Dodson
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Chris Dodson
Lisa Pruitt
Prayers of the people
Lisa Pruitt
Acolyte (s)
Lisa Pruitt