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We are called to serve!
Today is Maundy Thursday. I borrowed this sentence from Mother Cathy Cox, "The word "Maundy" derived from the Latin, "mandatum" - commandent. We are commanded to "wash one another's feet" to serve one another as Jesus served and to love one another as he loved us. We "remember" by acting this out in ritual which is intended to help us understand that we are commanded to serve and to love in this way."
We are here servants to one another. No one is a greater master than the Lord himself, who became a servant. So, today is about recognizing how much we are to be caring, loving, supporting, building, and walking with each other. Or being a servant to each other. The word servant is not pleasant for us, because it makes us feel like we are lesser than the other. The truth is, we are no less or more than what God sees in us. It will be better for us to see ourselves as God sees and see one another as God does.
Christian spirituality is based on this secure understanding that we are no less or more in Christ. We are what we are fully in Christ. When we know what that means, it will stop us from being inferior or superior, bigger or smaller.
Come and celebrate
  • Maundy Thursday Service on April 14 @ 6:30 pm
  • Good Friday Stations April 15@ 6 pm and Service @6.30 pm
  • Easter Vigil Baptism on April 16th
  • Easter Day, Flowering of the Cross April 17th.
  • Easter Egg Hunt after church on Easter Sunday.
  • Baptism of Raegan April 24th
  • New Confirmation Classes on April 24thth @ 3 pm
  • Confirmation: Bishop Diane Bruce on June 19
Fr. Jos+
Easter Sunday
Hi! I’m Hoppy Hopster and would like to invite all the children and parents to the Easter Egg Hunt after the service on April 17, 2022. I love to hop and run. Come to hunt for eggs and have some fun. Have a Happy Easter and a happy springtime! May every day be special…especially for you!
Episcopal Night at The Ballpark
We are planning an Episcopal Night at the Ballpark for May 6 at the Springfield Cardinals. The cost is $13 per person. I will need a count of who is going by April 20. I'll get the tickets and people can get me the money either in advance or at the door. We can work that out later.
I know Fr. Stuckey and Paula are planning to be with us, among others.
Hopefully, we can get a good group from St. James to join us.
Graduation Celebration
Join us in celebration of our 2022 Graduates on May 15th after the 10:30am service with cake and gifts.
We want to honor all of our graduates, so please let us know by emailing and include your graduate's name and from what grade/degree they will be graduating with/from. Please submit your request by April 15th so that gifts can be ordered and received in time for the celebration.
Outreach News
The Lenten offering this year will benefit the people of the Ukraine. Traditionally our Lenten offerings go to an international concern. Episcopal Relief and Development is already helping thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. 
Youth and Children Sunday School
This week is Easter Sunday. We will be joining the adults in service for this special day. As always the nursery is open for the little ones. See you there!
Celebrations & Prayers This Month
Happy Birthdays
Daniel Redding, March 1st.
Dot Kresser, April 2nd
Jeremey Chesman April 3rd
Benito Amigon, April 4th.
Greg Breid April 9th.
Emilie Bridges, April 9th
Ethan Hopper, April 11th
Max Rajek, April 14th
Katy Tackett April 15th
Austin Redden, April 16th.
Owen Lynch, April 17th.
Luke Frederick, April 28th.
Kayson Zook, April 28th.
Theresa Parementer, April 30th.
Happy Anniversary
Sam and June Hamra, April 1st.
Mark and Theresa McCullough, April 17th.
Terry Abshire and Gerald Snow, April 28th.
Prayers for Families This Week
Johnson, Jones, Kraiser
Flower Dedications
To The Glory of God
Altar Schedule
Altar Guild
Terry Abshire, Amie Ramsfield
The Rev. Jos Tharakan, Fr. Ken Chumbley, Fr. Rod Pierce
The Rev. Jos Tharakan
Deacon & Gospel Proclamation
The Rev. Suzy Lynch
Eucharistic Minister 1
Eucharistic Minister 2
Matt Hopper
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Lisa Pruitt
Lisa Pruitt
Eric Atkinson
Prayers of the people
David Britt
Acolyte (s)
Lisa Pruitt
Eric Atkinson
Easter Hospitality Team
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