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Is Bible Boring? - Lesson 4
The Abandoned Child & the Basket Case!
The stories of great men and women usually don’t start off with great wealth, strength, name, or fame. We read about them as people who struggled a great length before they became famous or holy. They worked hard at it and of course, God, and others helped them through life situations.
Abandoned child stories of the ancient world have definitely influenced the story of Moses, for sure. So, what’s the real story here?
Moses's story starts with the insecurity of a Pharoah. He commands all infants to be killed so that his kingdom or his power is secure. Exod 1: 16-22. In the story of Moses, we read his mom hid him in a basket, his sister watched over him from the bushes and the Pharoah’s daughter saved him from the water. God uses, as we read in the Bible, this situation to bring Moses under the protection of Egypt’s ruler until his time was up.
These kinds of stories were common in the literature from Mesopotamia, Canaan, Greece, Egypt, Rome, and India. There are over 30 such stories found in these cultures. We see stories of children abandoned, and rulers protecting them. The Sargon Birth Legend of Mesopotamia is close to the story we read in the Bible. Check it out sometime.
But the difference in the story of Moses, unlike the stories we hear in the other cultures, is that he eventually leaves the safety, security, and comfort that he came to enjoy to follow God’s call. He became poor, and a slave, so that he understands the suffering of those who went through such experience. Moses is not like the rest of the Near Eastern World heroes. While the Israelites embraced identical cultural norms and stories to tell their story, Moses’ story stands in stark contrast to all of them by actually letting go of the comfort of the world. In fact, Moses’ response to God sets him apart from the rest of the cultural figures.
May be we all have a lesson here to let go of things that don't help us to live into the purpose of God.
Fr. Jos+
Our Love and Admiration Today!
Sam and June Hamra
This week I would like to honor June and Sam Hamra, two of the founding members of St. James. On this Sunday we will pass a resolution honoring their contribution in ministry, service, time, talent, and treasure to St. James, the community of Springfield, and the country. Please come and celebrate Sam and June this coming Sunday, January 23rd, before they leave for Florida.
Birthday Offerings:   
Many Episcopal Churches throughout the country remember their congregants with a special prayer during their birthday week. St. James does! 
Your Birthday Sunday is a wonderful time for each of us to give a special birthday offering to celebrate and give thanks for another year of life. You might remember the little needlepoint church that we previously put our offerings in. Covid has changed how we give but it doesn't keep us from continuing this lovely tradition. Whether you give $1 or $.25 per year of life, your gift is greatly appreciated!
This week, we were able to send $500 to "Wish I May" which is a charitable organization that provides birthday party supplies to families who otherwise could not have a celebration. Depending on the family, the children might receive, a small gift and a cake. Use your special day to make sure a child has one too.
 Outreach Grants: 
The St. James Outreach Committee applied for two grants in November to help fund projects that are near and dear to our hearts. And WE GOT BOTH!
#1 Southern Deanery Grant - $2000.00 awarded to help fund the Field Elementary Backpack Food Program for 2nd semester
#2 The International Outreach Grant - $1000.00 awarded to Episcopal Relief and Development for Combating Covid 19 in communities living in extreme poverty.
This $3000.00 is given to these organizations in our name. What a way to show our love and care for our neighbors!
Youth and Children Sunday School
EKC and EYC this week: Jesus went to his home town and preached, telling them that he is the messiah. How do you think you would take news like that from someone you knew their entire lives? See you on Sunday to find out! EKC, 9:15 am and EYC after church.
Celebrations & Prayers This Month
Happy Birthdays
Brenda Monroe, Jan. 8th.
Paula Stuckey, Jan. 9th
Charlie Dodson, Jan. 12th.
Elaine Atkinson, Jan. 13th.
Anne Wright, Jan 17th.
Jennifer Alderfer, Jan. 20th Sam Hamra, Jan. 21st.
Rebecca Alderfer, Jan. 27th.
Nancy Pomeroy, Jan. 28th.
David Hamilton, Jan. 29th.
Alec Hilton, Jan. 29th.
Maggie Thornton, Jan. 29th.
Happy Anniversary
Eric and Elaine Atkinson
January 16th
Jim and Tessa Eggers
January 18th
Prayers for Families This Week
Colwell, Cox, DeWitt
Flower Dedications
To the Glory of God.
Altar Schedule- January 23rd.
Altar Guild
Amie Ramsfield, Lisa Pruitt
Celebrant & Preacher
Fr. Roderick Pierce and Dc. Suzy Lynch
Deacon & Gospel Proclamation
The Rev. Suzy Lynch
Eucharistic Minister 1
Eucharistic Minister 2
Bob Lanning
Julie Gillogly
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Sam Hamra
Lisa Pruitt
Chris Dodson
Prayers of the people
David Britt
Acolyte (s)
Lisa Pruitt
Terry Abshire
Gerald Snow and Terry Abshire

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