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Christmas Eve Service at @ 5 pm / In person and online
Christmas Eve Service
@ 10 pm / In person and online
No Christmas Day Service
The annual meeting will be held on the last Sunday in February. Ministry leaders, please submit your ministry reports no later than the last day of January, 2022. You may send your reports in an email either in MSWord or type it into the Email so that we don't have to retype your report. No PDF files, please.
Spiritual Habits - 30... Give Credit
Emmanuel: God is with us
Mother Cathy Cox (jos copied :) her. Because it's great.)
"We affirm that where Jesus is, God is. We celebrate that in the Incarnation, the Lord God, our king, and lawgiver, the hope of nations and their Savior came to dwell among us in Jesus.
Christmas is the feast of the Incarnation: the coming in flesh-ness of God. It is sweet, because infants are, and the helplessness of God-in-flesh-appearing as a tiny, vulnerable human, is astounding. But it is also shocking. It celebrates an event not in the natural order of things. Everything changed.
God will never be the same as God was before the Incarnation; humanity, as lived by the Lord Christ, has been taken up into God; and humanity will never be the same either; deity has come to dwell within our flesh and bones, as one of us. We can never say we are "only human" again.
Jesus was fully human, gloriously human, as we are meant to be - and fully God - a mystery, and a reality.
And only this One can come and save us, from sin, from sorrow and death, from our hunger and thirst, and from expecting too little of God, and each other, and of ourselves. Only this one knows exactly what it is to weep, to laugh, to be betrayed, to be misunderstood, to suffer cold and hunger, thirst, and fatigue, to enjoy friendship, to learn, to grow, and to become fully who he was.
He is one of us.
And he came once, and now comes daily, hourly, and finally forever, to save us. Emmanuel, come!"
(This reflection was taken from the newsletter Mother Cathy Cox sent out this morning. Thank you, Cathy.)
Fr. Jos
Our Love and Admiration Today!
This Week's Heart Awards Go to These Two Amazing People
Mary & Joseph
I thought for a moment who should receive our hearts award this week? And Mary and Joseph appeared in my heart as those two deserve our hearts love, appreciation and admiration. Mary gave all of herself to God. She simply let God take control of her life. I wish I could do the same in the same manner she did. She suffered more than a mother should ever suffer. Even when things didn't make sense she let God's will manifest in her life. Mary is the best example of Christian life for a human, if there is one.
One of the quietest persons in the Bible. You don't hear a word out of his mouth except silence. He simply listens for the voice of God when awake and when asleep. His life was all about letting God speak through every moment of his life so that what is best for the world can be brought in through his absolute silence! These days I am reflecting more and more on him and am learning to remain quieter in life than before. It has blessed me far more than my opinions and ideas. Gentleness of Joseph, I wish that for all!
Who are the gardeners of our souls next week? Any guesses or suggestions? Send to
Yoga Schedule
Yoga will be taking a break from Dec. 20th-January 1st. Penny will be back after the New Year!
Outreach for Advent and Christmas
It's time to Share Our Blessings for the Holidays!
A number of seasonal Outreach projects have been designed for you and your family to participate in various ways. 
Advent Tree Gifts - ornaments on the Advent tree list the items needed for the project the St. James Youth & Children will complete for forgotten seniors in a local nursing facility. Take an ornament, buy the item and return it to St. James 15th
Hams for Field's Holiday Food Baskets ($$)
Crosslines Share Your Christmas (focus on Seniors) ($$)
Special remembrances for St. James shut-ins ($$)
Youth and Children Sunday School
Red Christmas Ball
EKC and EYC: are taking our Christmas break! We will return on Sunday, January 9th. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday
Chris Dodson December 1st.
Blair Claxton Dec. 2nd.
Latesa Holder Dec. 3rd.
June Hamra Dec. 4th
Gabriel Tackett Dec. 6th.
Jim Eggers, Dec. 9th.
Mark Alderfer, Dec. 12th.
Shirley Hendricks Dec. 14th.
Sarah Dodson December 16th.
Sophia Alderfer Dec. 23rd.
Dorothy Haratyk Dec. 23rd.
Lazelle Atkinson Dec. 29th.
Vickie Hamilton Dec. 31st.
Happy Anniversary
Nov. 27th: Sandy and Len Duffey
Nov. 30th Jim and Therese Parmenter 
Prayers for Families This Week
Wright, Yost, Atkinson
Flower Dedications
To The Glory of God.
Weekly Altar Schedule
Christmas Service
Volunteers Schedule 5:00 pm.
Altar Guild: Tammy Larimore, Victoria Hamilton
 Celebrant: Fr. Jos Tharakan
 Deacon: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Preacher: Fr. Jos Tharakan
Eucharistic Minister 1: Julie Gillogly
 Eucharistic Minister 2:
 First Reading: Eric Atkinson
 Psalm: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Second Reading: Julie Gillogly
Gospel: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Prayers of The People: Rev. Suzy Lynch
Crucifer: Julie Gillogly
 Usher/Greeter: Terry Abshire
Choir Director: Jeremy Chesman
Christmas Service
Volunteers Schedule 10:00 pm.
Altar Guild: Amy Ramsfield and Lisa Pruitt
Celebrant: Fr. Jos Tharakan
 Deacon: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Preacher: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Eucharistic Minister 1: Chris Dodson
Eucharistic Minister 2: Julie Gillogly
First Reading: Sam Hamra 
 Psalm: Lisa Pruitt
Second Reading: Robert Lanning
 Gospel: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Prayers of The People: Lisa Pruitt
 Crucifer: Lisa Pruitt
 Choir Director: Jeremy Chesman
Volunteers Schedule For Sunday, Dec. 26th.
Altar Guild: Tessa Eggers and Lisa Pruitt
Celebrant: Fr. Jos Tharakan
Deacon: Rev. Suzy Lynch
Preacher: Rev. Suzy Lynch
 Eucharistic Minister 1: Chris Dodson
Eucharistic Minister 2: Lisa Pruitt 
First Reading: Sam Hamra  
Psalm: Lisa Pruitt 
Second Reading: Chris Dodson
Gospel: Rev. Suzy Lynch
Prayers of The People: Lisa Pruitt
Crucifer: Lisa Pruitt
Usher/Greeter: Tammy and Larry Larimore
Choir Director: Jeremy Chesman
COVID-19 Please take prudent and necessary precautions when in large gatherings.
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