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Poinsettia Tradition
It has been a long-standing tradition of St. James to beautify our church with poinsettias during the liturgical Christmas season. If you would like to make a donation, please fill out the slip provided in this weeks Sunday bulletin or email your request to no later than Wednesday, Dec. 22nd. The suggested donation is $12 and can be given at your convenience. Write "poinsettias" on the memo line. Thank you.
Please submit your request before December 22nd.
Advent Family Event
December 19th after the 10:30 service we will be hosting a Family Advent Event for all families with children. Come and enjoy a pizza lunch, games, activities, and gift! Every family will need to bring a $5-$10 family friendly gift for the gift exchange. (Examples: Games, Puzzle, Craft kits etc.) Let's have a little Advent fun together!
Spiritual Habits - 30...
“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”― Charles Dickens
Make Christmas an all-year celebration, not just a one-day event. Don't let the shops steal your money and then from under the tree it is stolen again after you open the gifts. Let Christmas stay beyond the gifts under the tree. Let Christmas stay through the rest of the year. Don't live life as if everything is normal and fine after the 12 days of Christmas. Let it challenge every moment of your life with a longing for the Christ who is not in a store-bought toy or tie or shoe or shaker. He is not in a manger to be found surrounded by the wise men from the East but found among the lost ones on the streets.
There is no God in the manger or the temple. God has moved on from the comfort of the gold-plated churches and the romance of the manger with angels and shining stars. He is not receiving any more gold, silver, and frankincense as investments for the future days of struggle in Egypt. He is selling them all for the people here and now. He is finding angels lost on the streets of our inner cities. What shines at his presence are the hearts that are longing for Him and there he is born again and again.
Let not the stores, as the Grinch says, steal your God from within you! He has escaped the enchantments of the world around him to be enchanted by the hearts that long for Him.
Fr. Jos
Our Love and Prayers Today!
This Week's Heart Awards Go to These Two Great People
Vickie Hamilton & Ann Wright
Vickie Hamilton
I always wondered if cloning is allowed in a church? If it is, I am cloning Vickie, five times more. I don't think we pay her enough for all that she does. I worry that she will get hurt by the things she does for the church. St. James is her second home if I can call that. If not for Vickie, we will be broke as a church. She does much more than what we see. She does everything from computer maintenance to altar ministries to electrical to plumbing to carpentry to... All that she does is so much more than what this column can write about. I may have to write a book about her commitment and love for each of us. One day, she will be rewarded for all of what she does a lot more than we are giving her credit for and can reward her. With a kind heart and loving care for each person at St. James and beyond, Vickie, you are an example for all of us in selfless life and love. Thank YOU for being you.
Ann Wright
Ann Wright! The Woman behind the stability of St. James. She kept us afloat through rough times. Not many understand exactly everything Ann does. People only know her as a person who is handling our money in church. But there is more to it than just that. Her creative ideas, willingness to share, even when things are not easy, and readiness to get through tough times, still doing the right thing, are all commendable. I am blessed to know her and all that she does. As you know she is officially retiring from the position of finance administrator in a few weeks. I am so grateful for her ministry. She has done a phenomenal job when it comes to making sure St. James is in a financially healthy place. I am grateful for her ministry, care, and hard work. Thank YOU, Ann. Get well soon and get back sooner!
Who are the gardeners of our souls next week? Any guesses or suggestions? Send to
Advent Soup Suppers and Study
Minuen Odom
Wednesdays - Dec. 22nd.
Minuen Odom is leading a study on The Beatitudes. A simple soup supper will be served at 5:30 pm and "Blessed Are They" will follow at 6 pm. Please plan to join us!
How Long, O Lord?
Study of the Book of Prophet Habbakuk
by Dr. Chris Dodson
Sundays in Advent - Dec: 19th.
Yoga Schedule
Yoga will be taking a break from Dec. 20th-January 1st. Penny will be back after the New Year!
Outreach for Advent and Christmas
It's time to Share Our Blessings for the Holidays!
A number of seasonal Outreach projects have been designed for you and your family to participate in various ways. 
Advent Tree Gifts - ornaments on the Advent tree list the items needed for the project the St. James Youth & Children will complete for forgotten seniors in a local nursing facility. Take an ornament, buy the item and return it to St. James 15th
Hams for Field's Holiday Food Baskets ($$)
Crosslines Share Your Christmas (focus on Seniors) ($$)
Special remembrances for St. James shut-ins ($$)
Youth and Children
EKC and EYC: This week Mary (mother of Jesus) goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth. When Elizabeth sees Mary the baby in her tummy jumped for joy! What a joy it must have been for Mary and Elizabeth to share in the miracle of Jesus' birth.
2021 Advent Word prompt words announced
The prompts for 2021 #AdventWord are:
  • December 16: Gladness
  • December 17: Bountiful
  • December 18: Sing
  • December 19: Blessed
  • December 20: Feed
  • December 21:
  • Generations
  • December 22: Magnify
  • December 23: Flock
  • December 24: Greeting
  • December 25: Child

Happy Birthday
Chris Dodson December 1st.
Blair Claxton Dec. 2nd.
Latesa Holder Dec. 3rd.
June Hamra Dec. 4th
Gabriel Tackett Dec. 6th.
Jim Eggers, Dec. 9th.
Mark Alderfer, Dec. 12th.
Shirley Hendricks Dec. 14th.
Sarah Dodson December 16th.
Sophia Alderfer Dec. 23rd.
Dorothy Haratyk Dec. 23rd.
Lazelle Atkinson Dec. 29th.
Vickie Hamilton Dec. 30th.
Happy Anniversary
Nov. 27th: Sandy and Len Duffey
Nov. 30th Jim and Therese Parmenter 
Prayers for Families This Week
Thomas, Trader, Vargas
Flower Dedications
Given by Dot Kresser in memory of her husband Roy B. Kresser.