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Spiritual Habits - 29 - Unsolved...
“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your in the question.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet
We have plenty of unresolved mysteries in our lives. Dreams, hopes, feelings, emotions, and life, in general, haven't turned out the way we hoped for. For some of us, it's frustrating and for others it's adventurous. For spiritual people, it is of advent. Waiting patiently. Unresolved things in our hearts are showing we are willing to engage with the future.
Advent is a time of prayer for all whose hopes and dreams haven't come to fruition. I wonder who could this be applied to? I wonder if there is any person on earth whose hopes have come true and there is nothing more left to wait for! If you do, then you will have reached the "Nirvana", meaning a state of eternal bliss. We can get there if all our senses are mastered, and all our desires are conquered.
Until that time we master all of our senses and desires, we learn to hope for the best and leave the rest behind, let us live in the question of the unresolved mysteries of life.
Fr. Jos
Our Love and Prayers Today!
Our Hearts Awards Today Go to These Two Great People
Marge Francis & Larry Larimore
Marge Francis
I don't need to say much about Marge Francis. Her prayer ministry keeps us all supported and blessed every day. Her team of prayer warriors keeps St. James lifted up in prayer every day and keeps us going through tough times in the palm of God. Marge's ministry to the shut-ins and those who are sick is commendable. Her commitment to Bible Study is an example for all of us. But better is her willingness to learn through life and the nuances of life situations is amazing. I am constantly amazed by her faithfulness in living the Gospel every day. When life gets hard, she depends on God. When is totally unexpected, she deals with it as if God is in control, which God is. Having said all of it, Marge makes our lives easier. How grateful we are for the blessing she is to all of us.
Larry Larimore
Living joyfully accepting good and bad coming from the hands of the Lord is not easy. Life sometimes doesn't treat us all well, but living through it with grace is not a gift for many, but Larry is an exception. Being a banker he lived a life that is social, and in the community. But it all came to stop as his ability to drive independently stopped with his eye trouble. But being faithful in the ministry of an usher, greeter, helping out in the church with cleaning, cooking, and you can add many more to the list, Larry is an example for us all to follow. Anytime I needed some help in the church, one of the first people who volunteers to do it is Larry, even though he can barely see things around him. He puts me to shame (positively) with his commitment to the church, his willingness to serve, and his ability to take life lightly and with grace. He is an example for all of us to emulate.
Who are the gardeners of our souls next week? Any guesses or suggestions? Send to
Women's Advent Retreat
and Luncheon
Women's Advent Retreat and Luncheon
Saturday, December 4th at 10 AM
Mother Cathy Cox will present an Advent Program " Faithful Waiting with Mary." Our traditional Advent luncheon will follow at noon.
Advent Soup Suppers and Study
Minuen Odom
Dates: Wednesdays - Dec 1, 8, 15, 22
It is not too soon to plan to attend St. James' Advent 2021 series.
Minuen Odom will lead a study on The Beatitudes. A simple soup supper will be served at 5:30 pm and "Blessed Are They" will follow at 6 pm. Please plan to join us!
How Long, O Lord?
Study of the Book of Prophet Habbakuk
by Dr. Chris Dodson
Dates: Sundays in Advent - Nov: 28, Dec: 5, 12, 19
"How long, O Lord?" It's the central question to our celebration of Advent. How long will we be surrounded by evil? How long will we endure injustice? Maybe most importantly, how long before God intervenes to set it all to rights? It's an important question, and we're far from the first to ask it. This question is also one asked by the prophet Habbakuk as he surveys the world around him. He presses God for an answer in a series of complaints, and the answers that come back aren't necessarily ones that we'd anticipate. So this advent, as our Soup Suppers consider the ways of inhabiting the world that God blesses, be sure to join us in Sunday School as we press for answers about how to understand and respond to the wickedness and oppression that has us imploring, "Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel."
Advent Family Event
December 19th after the 10:30 service we will be hosting a Family Advent Event for all families with children. Come and enjoy a pizza lunch, games, activities, and gift! Every family will need to bring a $5-$10 family friendly gift for the gift exchange. (Examples: Games, Puzzle, Craft kits etc.) Let's have a little Christmas fun together!
Outreach for Advent and Christmas
It's time to Share Our Blessings for the Holidays!
A number of seasonal Outreach projects have been designed for you and your family to participate in various ways. 
Advent Tree Gifts - ornaments on the Advent tree list the items needed for the project the St. James Youth & Children will complete for forgotten seniors in a local nursing facility. Take an ornament, buy the item and return it to St. James 15th
Hams for Field's Holiday Food Baskets ($$)
Crosslines Share Your Christmas (focus on Seniors) ($$)
Special remembrances for St. James shut-ins ($$)
2021 Advent Word prompt words announced
The prompts for 2021 #AdventWord are:
  • December 3: Fulfill
  • December 4: Heart
  • December 5: Praise
  • December 6: Everlasting
  • December 7: Offering
  • December 8: Messenger
  • December 9: Splendor
  • December 10: Repent
  • December 11: CompassionDecember 12: Expectation
  • December 13: Share
  • December 14: Exult
  • December 15: Stir
  • December 16: Gladness
  • December 17: Bountiful
  • December 18: Sing
  • December 19: Blessed
  • December 20: Feed
  • December 21: Generations
  • December 22: Magnify
  • December 23: Flock
  • December 24: Greeting
  • December 25: Child

Youth and Children
EKC and EYC: This week we start our journey with John the Baptist, who paved the way for Jesus!
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