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Youth Lock-In - Nov 20th
Saturday, November 20th EYC is having a Lock-In for grades 7th-12th starting at 6pm and ending November 21st after church at 11:30 am. (Staying for the church service is not required to attend the lock-in. Pick-up no later that 10:15am.)
Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush and a change of cloths for church the next morning. Games, Movie, Pizza and More!! Don't miss it and invite your friends! (Permission forms must be signed by a parent and turned in at the time of drop-off.)
Spiritual Habits - 28 - Facing Sun!!
Right on top of this column is the solution to the sad and painful, or scary and depressing days of our lives. Face the sun to keep the shadows behind us. Face the Son, Jesus, to keep the negativities behind us as well. Focus on God and everything will be nothing. And everything in life will be meaningful even if they are not pleasant. Nobody is exempt from negative experiences or emotions but we all have the power to turn to the sun to get the light on our face rather than behind us and push the shadows behind us so that our path is clear and lit up. This was the method of saints and sages and how they remained sane through tough times in life.
Fr. Jos
Our Love and Prayers Today!
Our Hearts Today Go to These Two Great People and Their Families
Evaline Breazeale & Donna Haratyk
Evaline Breazeale
Evaline, mother of Paula Stuckey and Terri Breazeale, (Mother-in-Law of Fr. Ross) members of St. James, is very ill and lying at home in great weakness. I anointed Evaline, who is a long time member of St. James, on Wednesday evening. Please remember Evaline in your prayers for a peaceful passing as she enters life eternal. Please also pray for Paula and her family at this time.
Donna Haratyk
Donna lived with her mother Dorothy for a long time and recently moved to Turner Rock retirement place off of Sunshine. Donna is lying in great weakness now and needs our prayers for a peaceful passing as well. She was anointed and given last rites today, Thursday. Please remember Dorothy and family as they keep company with Donna that she also may pass into life eternal with joy.
Who are the gardeners of our souls next week? Any guesses or suggestions? Send to
Friendsgiving / Thanksgiving at St. James - November 25th @1 pm
A couple of years ago, that, of course, was prior to the pandemic, we came together for a Friendsgiving celebration at St. James on Thanksgiving Day. It is the celebration of Thanksgiving for those who are alone and don't have families to go to. Bob and Kathleen Jackson provided smoked turkey and ham, and every person who came in brought in a side dish of some sort or pies. If you are alone or would like to be with someone on Thanksgiving day, join us. Bring a dish to share and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. November 25th at 1 pm.
Advent Soup Suppers and Study
Minuen Odom
Dates: Wednesdays - Dec 1, 8, 15, 22
It is not too soon to plan to attend St. James' Advent 2021 series.
Minuen Odom will lead a study on The Beatitudes. A simple soup supper will be served at 5:30 pm and "Blessed Are They" will follow at 6 pm. Please plan to join us!
How Long, O Lord?
Study of the Book of Prophet Habbakuk
by Dr. Chris Dodson
Dates: Sundays in Advent - Nov: 28, Dec: 5, 12, 19
"How long, O Lord?" It's the central question to our celebration of Advent. How long will we be surrounded by evil? How long will we endure injustice? Maybe most importantly, how long before God intervenes to set it all to rights? It's an important question, and we're far from the first to ask it. This question is also one asked by the prophet Habbakuk as he surveys the world around him. He presses God for an answer in a series of complaints, and the answers that come back aren't necessarily ones that we'd anticipate. So this advent, as our Soup Suppers consider the ways of inhabiting the world that God blesses, be sure to join us in Sunday School as we press for answers about how to understand and respond to the wickedness and oppression that has us imploring, "Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel."
Advent Family Event
December 19th after the 10:30 service we will be hosting a Family Advent Event for all families with children. Come and enjoy a pizza lunch, games, activities, and gift! Every family will need to bring a $5-$10 family friendly gift for the gift exchange. (Examples: Games, Puzzle, Craft kits etc.) Let's have a little Christmas fun together!
Save The Date - Dec 5th
save the date
What: St. James Women's Advent Luncheon
When: The 2nd Sunday of Advent - December 5, 2021 After the 10:30 Service  
Where: In the Parish Hall
Details to follow! The tradition continues with a new twist!
We hope all women and girls will plan to attend!
It's time to Share Our Blessings for the Holidays!
A number of seasonal Outreach projects have been designed for you and your family to participate in various ways.
November Outreach - $$$ for Field Elem Backpack Food Program.
Hams for Field's Holiday Food Baskets
December Outreach - Crosslines Share Your Christmas (focus on Seniors)
St. James Children & Youth Nursing Home Gift Bags
Special remembrances for St. James shut-ins
More details will be given over the next 5 weeks. Please pray for and plan how you can help make the holidays happier for others.
2021 Advent Word prompt words announced
For the eighth year in a row, #AdventWord will gather prayers via a global, online advent calendar.
Forward Movement, the new home of AdventWord, will offer 28 daily meditations and images during this holy season beginning Sunday, November 28. (Read more here)
The Advent Sunday lectionary readings inspire the word list for #AdventWord. Discover the visual and written meditations and give yourself the opportunity to dive deeper into the stories of this waiting season.
The prompts for 2021 #AdventWord are:
  • November 28: Promise
  • November 29: Strength
  • November 30: Soul
  • December 1: Path 
  • December 2: Justice
  • December 3: Fulfill
  • December 4: Heart
  • December 5: Praise
  • December 6: Everlasting
  • December 7: Offering
  • December 8: Messenger
  • December 9: Splendor
  • December 10: Repent
  • December 11: CompassionDecember 12: Expectation
  • December 13: Share
  • December 14: Exult
  • December 15: Stir
  • December 16: Gladness
  • December 17: Bountiful
  • December 18: Sing
  • December 19: Blessed
  • December 20: Feed
  • December 21: Generations
  • December 22: Magnify
  • December 23: Flock
  • December 24: Greeting
  • December 25: Child

Youth and Children
EKC and EYC: This week we honor the life of King David. Let's explore why God called David, "A man after his own heart."
I'm excited to announce that we are using a new bible study curriculum by teach Sunday school. This curriculum with guide our kids through the stories of the bible using history and geography to help them better understand the context of these stories. I'm so excited to get started! Don't miss it!
We would love to hear from you! Share pictures, video, thoughts or questions with on our Facebook page,