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Statistical Report
Statistical Report on Consecration Sunday Results
A total of 36 giving units completed Estimate of Giving Cards this year committed a total of $161,456.
A total of 20 of these giving units increased their financial commitment above their last year’s amount.
A total of 5 of these giving units were new to completing the Estimate of Giving Card.
Based on last year’s giving records, we can expect to receive $55,000 during the coming year from people who have consistent giving patterns during the past twelve months who have not returned cards to date.
Based on the average total of loose offering during the past three years we can expect to receive $10,000 during the coming year from that source.
Church income from non-donor sources such as interest and building use $600.
This gives us a grand total of $227,056 anticipated income for the next twelve months.
The total income for our general operating budget during the last twelve months was $233,600.
Thank you to all who have turned in your Estimate of Giving Card. If you have yet to return your card you may place it in the collection plate on Sunday, mail it or drop it by the office during the week. It is a critical part of planning for 2022.  
Spiritual Habits - 27 - Trust!!
"If you want trust, trust others. If you want respect, respect others. If you want help, help others. If you want love and peace in your life, give them away. If you want great friends, be one. That’s how it works. ”
Giving away what we want is such a radical concept that not many understand. It's the principle of business and spirituality, but we don't understand it often. It's when you give away your money, your time, your talent, and your attention to someone or something else, they begin to grow. Trust is built when trust is given. Love is grown when love is given. Money multiplies when money is given away. It's fascinating.
Fr. Jos
This Week's Heart Awards Go To!
These are the two great people I would like to thank God for today.
Dorothy and Donna Haratyk
Two wonderful and sweet people to know and pray for: Dorothy and Donna Haratyk. Dorothy is the mother caring for her daughter, Donna, who is put under hospice a couple of days ago. They both live together at Turner Rock, off of Sunshine. I want to ask your prayers and thoughts for them. Dorothy is a sweetheart of a person, who cares deeply and is heartbroken for the illness of her daughter Donna. As you can see in the picture, it's a hard time for Dorothy as she had to say goodbye to her husband, and her other child some years ago and so, this is tough. Donna is accepting of her condition and is ready for whatever the Lord has planned for her. We had a great visit and I want you to send your love, cards, and prayers to these beautiful people who won the Heart Awards this week.
Lord Jesus, it is not easy to face an illness that we don't have a control over and the moments when we feel lonely and alone. I offer these two beautiful people, Dorothy and Donna, into your hands. As they go through this time of fear and anxiety, please give them hope. May this give us the grace to let go of our petty disagreements, anger, and unforgiveness of any kind towards anyone as life is short and life hereafter is forever.
Here is the address for Dorothy and Donna if you would like to send your thoughts and cards.
Dorothy and Donna Haratyk
3911 E. Sunshine St #104
Springfield, MO 65809
Who are the gardeners of our souls next week? Any guesses or suggestions? Send to
Kirkin' of the Tartans
"Blessing of the Tartans"
A unique Scottish service with Bagpipes
Social Distancing and Masks will be done
during the Service
Will be Live-Streamed at: 
Haggis, Snacks, Dances by Kilties following the Service
Saturday evening, November 13, 2021, at 6:30 pm
St. James Episcopal Church
2645 E. Southern Hills Blvd, Springfield, MO
Scottish-Irish attire not required, but welcomed!
Youth Lock-In
Saturday, November 20th EYC is having a Lock-In for grades 7th-12th starting at 6pm and ending November 21st after church at 11:30 am. (Staying for the church service is not required to attend the lock-in. Pick-up no later that 10:15am.)
Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush and a change of cloths for church the next morning. Games, Movie, Pizza and More!! Don't miss it and invite your friends! (Permission forms must be signed by a parent and turned in at the time of drop-off.)
Friendsgiving / Thanksgiving at St. James - November 25th @1 pm
A couple of years ago, that, of course, was prior to the pandemic, we came together for a Friendsgiving celebration at St. James on Thanksgiving Day. It is the celebration of Thanksgiving for those who are alone and don't have families to go to. Bob and Kathleen Jackson provided smoked turkey and ham, and every person who came in brought in a side dish of some sort or pies. If you are alone or would like to be with someone on Thanksgiving day, join us. Bring a dish to share and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. November 25th at 1 pm.
Last Sunday evening, St. James had the privilege of providing 31 students from Field elementary School with new school shoes. Our "Stepping Out in Love" $$$ for shoes was a huge success! Our collected donations of almost $1500, along with the Shoe Carnival 20% discount provided both shoes and packages of socks for all the families who attended. 
Thank you to Nancy T, Marge F, Astry R, Jerron Y, Hannah R, Mike B-J, and Elaine & Eric A. for helping check in families, finding just the right shoes and checking out. It was a little bigger job this year to shop during regular store hours. Thank you to everyone in the congregation for contributing to a successful evening.
Outreach Sunday
This is Outreach Sunday. The loose offering and all offerings marked "Outreach" or "Thanksgiving" in November will go toward food for the "Backpack Food Program' at Field. Each Friday students in need receive backpacks full of food items to help them eat over the weekends. Hunger never takes a break! 
Advent Soup Suppers and Study
Save the Dates!
It is not too soon to plan to attend St. James' Advent 2021 series. Mark Wednesday evenings in December (1st, 8th,15th & 22nd) on your calendar now! Minuen Odom will lead a study on The Beatitudes. A simple soup supper will be served at 5:30 pm and "Blessed are They" will follow at 6 pm. Please plan to join us!
Advent Family Event
December 19th after the 10:30 service we will be hosting a Family Advent Event for all families with children. Come and enjoy a pizza lunch, games, activities, and gift! Every family will need to bring a $5-$10 family friendly gift for the gift exchange. (Examples: Games, Puzzle, Craft kits etc.) Let's have a little Christmas fun together!
2021 Advent Word prompt words announced
For the eighth year in a row, #AdventWord will gather prayers via a global, online advent calendar.
Forward Movement, the new home of AdventWord, will offer 28 daily meditations and images during this holy season beginning Sunday, November 28. (Read more here)
The Advent Sunday lectionary readings inspire the word list for #AdventWord. Discover the visual and written meditations and give yourself the opportunity to dive deeper into the stories of this waiting season.
The prompts for 2021 #AdventWord are:
  • November 28: Promise
  • November 29: Strength
  • November 30: Soul
  • December 1: Path 
  • December 2: Justice
  • December 3: Fulfill
  • December 4: Heart
  • December 5: Praise
  • December 6: Everlasting
  • December 7: Offering
  • December 8: Messenger
  • December 9: Splendor
  • December 10: Repent
  • December 11: CompassionDecember 12: Expectation
  • December 13: Share
  • December 14: Exult
  • December 15: Stir
  • December 16: Gladness
  • December 17: Bountiful
  • December 18: Sing
  • December 19: Blessed
  • December 20: Feed
  • December 21: Generations
  • December 22: Magnify
  • December 23: Flock
  • December 24: Greeting
  • December 25: Child

Youth and Children
EKC and EYC: Let's talk about Hannah. She prayed in her desperation for a son. God, in his grace and mercy, gave her a son. Hannah in return, promised God she would give him back to God. The boys name was Samuel and he did serve God all his life.
We would love to hear from you! Share pictures, video, thoughts or questions with on our Facebook page,
Happy Birthday
Nov. 1st: Reider Hammond and Mark Sneed
Nov. 2nd: Len Duffey
Nov. 11th: Lois Barton
Nov. 12th: Drew Terry
Nov. 13th Becky DeWitt
Nov. 15th: Jack Kaiser and Madeleine Stuckey
Nov. 17th Terry Abshire
Nov. 21st: Fr. Ross Stuckey
Nov. 24th: Rev. Connie Tyndall
Nov. 27th: Aubrey Vargas
Nov. 29th: Nancy Terry
Happy Anniversary
Nov. 27th: Sandy and Len Duffey
Nov. 30th Jim and Therese Parmenter 
Prayers for Families This Week
Rajek, Redden, Rivera-Amigon
Flower Dedications 
The flowers this week are given by Eric and Elaine Atkinson, in thanksgiving for Ashely Atkinson's Birthday.