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Consecration Sunday
October 24th, Only 10: 30 Service
NO 8:30 am service on October 24th.
Please remember to RSVP about your participation in the Stewardship Dinner on October 22, 23, or 24. Please check the list below to see what date you are scheduled to attend the dinner with your church family. Please call Terri or Astry. The number is at the bottom of the list!
Spiritual Habits - 23
"When people get together in solidarity and unity, not out of power but out of powerlessness, then Christ is in their midst." Richard Rohr: SimplicityThe freedom of letting go.
To recognize that we are without any power is a wonderful gift. No matter what title, position, or place we are in, in the end, we are all powerless. There is great freedom in recognizing our powerlessness, rather than our power to make things happen. When we know we are powerless in the final end, we have to let go of everything we thought we had control over, including our own breath, then we will live freely and happily every day. We will be kinder, and caring.
Sometimes what gives us the illusion of control and power is the money that we are hoarding and keeping aside for the rainy day. Yes, we all need to be prudent and keep things for the future, for retirement days, and for the benefit of our children. But not at the cost of being kind, generous, and self-sacrificing. It is when we let go of all that we seem to hold on to, then truly, we are free. Or else we live in an illusion of freedom, which makes us angry, upset, and disappointed when we lose control over life.
I invite you to gather to pray, to worship, to care, and to build one another. In that process, we will learn to walk each other home. Then we will be truly free!
Fr. Jos+
Join Us For Consecration Dinner!
Please don't forget to join us for the Stewardship Dinner on the assigned date. You should have received a letter from us by now with the dates included in it. If you haven't, please let us know, so that we can make sure you are registered for the dinner provided by the church. (October 22, 23, or 24 @6:30 pm.) If for some reason you don't find your name in any of these lists, please give us a call to make sure you are in the list. Terri : 417-830-5580 or Astry: 417-877-8153. Just to be sure, all children are included for the dinner. So, no separate reservation is required.
October 22, 6:30 pm
Andy & Nancy Terry
Ann & Kenton Wright
Brett & Amie Durbin
Chris & Sarah Dodson
David & Nichol Hamilton
David Britt
Dennis Lamkins
Fr. Ross & Paula Stuckey
Gerald & Terry Snow
Greg & Carole Freitag
Janice Carney
Janis Micklea
Jerron Yost
Jim & Rev. Suzanne Lynch
Jim & Therese Parmenter
Julie Gillogly
Karen Durbin
Larry & Tammy Larimore
Len & Sandy Duffey
Lisa & Bill Pruitt
Mark Millsap
Matt Hopper
Michael Benton
Michael Bishop-Jones
Mike & Becky DeWitt
Robert & Kathleen Jackson
Robert & Minuen
Roger & Sue Palmer
Tessa & Jim Eggers
Victoria Hamilton
If you haven't confirmed your attendance, please confirm by calling. Terri : 417-830-5580 or Astry: 417-877-8153.
October 23, 6:30 pm
Angela Johnson
Astry & Benito, BJ
Aubrey & Reggie Vargas
Brenda & Phil Monroe
Bryan & Amanda Lynch
Chris & Sarah Dodson
Daniel Redden
Destiny & Paul
Elizabeth James
Eric & Elaine Atkinson
Garrett & Jennifer Alderfer
George & Judi Morawski
Greg & Mary Rajek
Jeanne Stinson
Joshawa & Elizabeth Trader
Kara Woody
Latesa Holder
Lazelle Atkinson
Maggie Thornton
Mark & Linda Sneed
Mark & Rebecca Ann Alderfer
Mary Torres
Michael & Dana Jones
Rebekah Lane
Richelle Massengale
Saad & Vivian Ibrahim
Sarah Houk
Theresa & Mark McCullough
If you haven't confirmed your attendance, please confirm by calling. Terri : 417-830-5580 or Astry: 417-877-8153.
October 24, 6:30 pm
Anne & Greg Breid
Betty Atwood
Betty Jane Thomas
David & Nichol Hamilton
Deborah Kelley
Donna Haratyk
Dorothy Haratyk
Dot Kresser
Fr. Rod and Angela
Fr. Jos & Kimby Tharakan
Jack & Dorothy Kaiser
James Baumlin
James Cadotte
Jan & Murray Hutcherson
Jeremy & Roberto Chesman
Jim & Judith Colwell
Landon Miller
Louanna LeCompte
Marge & Donald Francis
Micah Miller
Nancy Pomeroy
Oliver & Josephine Luther
Reider Hammond
Robert & Minuen Lanning
Sam & June Hamra
Shirley Hendricks
Sonia Bird
Steven & Joyce Haberman
Terry & Michelle Breazeale
Tim Moberley
If you haven't confirmed your attendance, please confirm by calling. Terri : 417-830-5580 or Astry: 417-877-8153.
Terri Parmenter & Astry Rivera-Amigon
Leading Stewardship Ministry - 2021
Trunk or Treat!
St. James will be hosting a Halloween Trunk or Treat this year on October 31st. 6-9pm. Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be served and children will be able to trick or treat the trunks. A costume contest (by grade k-5, 6-12th and adults) will be held at 6:30 pm followed by the announcement of the winner of the "Best Trunk Award". You can sign up to decorate a trunk, bring hotdogs, buns, chips, drinks and candy, or volunteer for set-up and clean-up by contacting Kimby Tharakan by text 479-747-3757 or email We will need all hands on deck for this one! Let's make memories together with our neighbors!
Wednesday Healing Service 10 am
@ Holy Spirit Chapel
Take a midweek break and anchor your spiritual journey on God. Join us for a Holy Eucharist with healing Service at St. James on Wednesdays at 10 am. Next Wednesday service is on September 29th.
Youth and Children
EKC and EYC: Giving instead of receiving isn't always easy. Everyone wants to be first, to feel important. Jesus tells us in Mark how important it is to serve others. When we serve others we are important.
EKC will be in the nursery this week.
EYC will not meet this week.
Pick up your lessons with your bulletins.
We would love to hear from you! Share pictures, video, thoughts or questions with on our Facebook page,
Happy Birthday
Mike DeWitt: Oct. 1st
Gabrielle Riegel: Oct. 1st
Lisa Pruitt: Oct. 2nd.
Matthew Evans: Oct. 3rd.
Carole Freitag: Oct. 5th.
Sarah Ibrahim: Oct. 9th.
Judi Morawski: Oct. 9th.
Hayden Stuckey: Oct. 10th.
Greg Freitag: Oct. 13th.
Larry Larimore: Oct. 14th.
Sean Campbell: Oct. 14th
Sam Stuckey: Oct. 14th
Kristin (Tackett) Reed: Oct. 15th
Steven Haberman: Oct. 16th.
Theresa McCullough: Oct. 21st
Owen Tackett: Oct. 21st.
Jeanne Stinson: Oct. 22nd.
Roberto Canales: Oct. 24th.
Sue Palmer: Oct. 27th.
Kimby Tharakan: Oct. 29th.
Linda Sneed: Oct. 31st.
Happy Anniversary
Jack and Dottie Kaiser: Oct. 5th.
Phil and Brenda Monroe: Oct. 11th.
Robert and Kathleen Jackson: Oct. 22nd
Oliver and Josephine Luther: Oct. 23rd.
Prayers for Families This Week
LeCompte, Luther, Lynch
Flower Dedications
Given this week by, Theresa McCullough