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"As the tribe of the human beings, we began our existence in the womb of the earth, beneath the surface, in a place of darkness. Through many different incarnations of life on this planet, we finally emerged into the light." Bishop Charleston.

Like it or not, we are a tribe. The world is shrinking into a tribe of people, smaller, and easier to connect with every day. Even though the pandemic has put a stop to the normalcy we are used to, the world has a new normal now. We went through the darkness, as Bishop says, but we are in the light on the other side. At least we need to strive for being the light after the dark days of 2020. Find new ways to be a community and become the new tribe of God in a changing world.

Our world family is closer than we were a year ago. We can not sit back and be depressed for the gone days, but emerge into the new ones. That is what life is all about and what happens to a child who is born out of the most comfortable place on earth: the womb. The older and the younger can now connect better with each other. Even though some older and wiser folks were hesitant about connecting through technology before, it's not the case anymore. Some young and energetic ones who thought the older people can not learn anything new realized that they are wrong. We all can grow into a new generation with a new understanding.

I invite you to be born again into the light. Leave the darkness of fear, anxiety, sadness, nostalgia, or whatever else is keeping you in that place. Come and be born into the new world that is emerging with or without you!